Friday, February 25, 2011

Why is your website really so important?

The internet has changed the way companies do business.  It has opened the door for small and medium size businesses to compete with the large corporations.

Your website is your online identity.  The purpose of your website is to represent your company, sell your company, attract more visitors, generate leads and, ultimately, gain more return on your investment.

To achieve these goals, you want a website that is well designed, easy to navigate, highly usable with good content, and loaded with relevant information that will retain visitors and make them come back again and again.

Another important factor for a well designed website is search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is the foundation of internet marketing and search engine marketing success.  SEO spices up your website with the use of relevant keywords, one-way linking, enhancement of link popularity and placing your website at top or near the top of search engine results which will ultimately help to attract motivated buyers and direct more traffic to your website.

To achieve these goals, your website needs to be designed with a professional touch by qualified and experienced developers who can use their acquired knowledge and experience to develop a proper website that will turn visitors into potential customers.  You also want a company with experience that uses industry accepted techniques.

What makes a great website

Remember, for many of your customers, your website is the initial point of contact with the potential customer.  The old adage “first impressions are everything” rings true, even on the internet.  With the right first impression, customers are likely to have a positive reaction to your products or service.

First, it is important to portray your company in an easy to read format.  Bullet points, short paragraphs and easy navigation are essential.

Second, make sure your contact information is visible and easy to find.  If the user has to spend time looking for your contact information, they are likely to give up before finding it.

Third, don’t put too much information on one page.  Statistics show that potential customers quickly scan a page looking for information. 

Finally, for the search engines to find you, your website should be optimized by using the proper keywords without resorting to “keyword stuffing” and “hidden text”.  If major search engines detect keyword stuffing or hidden text on your website, it could result in your page being flagged as spam and ultimately pulled from rankings.  Further, you want to take advantage of navigational structures and image text that will further assist in gaining rankings.  There are many more tactics you can use to gain rankings by utilizing a proper SEO campaign. 

ASI creates solutions for web by following a stringent path:

Analysis of any given website - existing or new - must always be based on the functionality, user friendliness and how intuitive it is.

User friendliness is as old as trade itself, but without you'll never get new customers or be able to keep the existing ones. Put ads on Google or in banners and you might be able to generate a lot of traffic to your web site. But if you forget to use time on developing the web site so it's easy for the customers to navigate and to have the intuitive knowledge of what to get, all the money spent on getting traffic is lost. We see this much too often.

ASI will make sure your web site is optimized with a focus on usability based on a logical information architecture.

Often it's very basic errors or mistakes on the web site that makes people not buy your products. They might find what they want but they can't find the way to the payment line. The result is they go to a competitor. Something as "Add to cart", "Buy Now" or even a wrong color can make the shopping flow stop. And remember: The customer is always right.

ASI provides you with an extensive analysis of the structure of a web site, the way the customers will use it and if the shopping flow optimized.

Starting over

It's possible to redesign a web site but often it's a lot better solution to create a new one. Like with a car you might be able to put in a new engine but likeliness would tell it's better to get a new car. It can of course be annoying to buy a new web site "it's only 3 years old", but it's almost always better to make a new one. And 3 years is a long time on Internet.

By building a new web site we can make sure that you get usability and shopping flow for the customers. You will get the important parts like SEO, tracking of shopping flow (how does the customers move around), Google analytics, etc.

ASI employs different teams with specialized tasks like web design, e-commerce, usability, SEO, architecture, programming, etc. To create the best web solution for you we put together a unique team with precisely the expertise needed for your site.

Get the customers to be your regulars with the help of ASI.


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