Friday, February 25, 2011

iPhone vs Android

Usually when you see the posts around the web on iPhone vs Android it's mostly coming out in favor of Android (unless the writer is an iPhone fan of course). To me (I'm a heavy Android user - previously on iPhone - with Galaxy S Vibrant and Galaxy S Tab as my main work tools) it was surprising and refreshing to find a different view with 7 reasons to pick iPhone over Android.  Read the article here at Businessinsider.

2 reasons here:

"The battery on the iPhone 4 is incredible. Apple's spec sheet says you can get up to seven hours of talk time or six hours of 3G data usage. If you're not a heavy user, an iPhone can last you well over a day in sleep mode if you only use it occasionally."

"Apple blew everyone away with the iPhone 4's Retina Display. Pixels are invisible to the naked eye and video looks great. A lot of Android phones, especially Samsung's Galaxy line, come close to that resolution, but they're still not as sharp as the iPhone."

Read more:

Btw I don't agree with the iPhone display being better. The SUPER Amoled on Samsung is a lot clearer and more distinct colors.


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  2. I was married to the iPhone since the initial launch date, and honestly had no intentions of ever separating. But, the iPhone made its own decision to divorce me when it died a few weeks ago. Then...I had no choice, go with the Android.

    I must admit, I was extremely hesitant (and even a bit nervous) making the switch. However, having gone through the honeymoon phase with the MyTouch 4g now, I must say, we have a match made in heaven!

    I do agree the battery life is an issue, but luckily I have chargers close at hand. The Genius button is just that GENIUS! Now I can easily manage things while driving, all by speaking. I can active a text message and compose a text message - all by speech. Then, if the recipient replies I am prompted I received a reply and asked if I want to listen to the message. Then it even goes one step further and asks me if I want to reply to the latest message!

    Yes, I think the Android and I will be married for a long time to come!

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