Thursday, February 24, 2011

Motorola Xoom without the usual BLOATware from Verizon!

As posted on PC-world today:

"For prospective Xoom buyers, the news just keeps getting better.
Earlier today, we heard Verizon had come to its senses and gotten rid of the ridiculous data plan requirement it had originally attached to Motorola's new Honeycomb tablet. Up till this morning, Big Red had said you'd have to sign up for at least a month of 3G service to get a Xoom, even if you only wanted to use Wi-Fi -- a catch that would've cost you an extra 55 bucks at checkout. Thankfully, that condition is history.
Now, I'm happy to confirm that another potential pitfall for the Motorola Xoom has been averted: The tablet is untainted by Verizon's typically unavoidable bloatware.
That, my friends, is a mobile miracle."

If this is the way the operators will do things in the future we're getting a long way in the direction of "the customer is always right!"  Of course T-Mobile has not been known to put (too much) crapware on their phones and tablets.


  1. Now it would be nice if T-Mobile would do the same for the Galaxy Tab. I love my tab, but when my MyTouch 4g is faster than my Tab, why do I need data on my tab? I can just connect through my phone data wirelessly.

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